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Our greater vision is to assist the tourism industry in using mobile technology to reach more travelers via their mobile devices. We want to help travel businesses to share their stories with the world and build authentic relationships with new and existing customers. We know that when we provide innovative mobile solutions, our partners will be able to connect with travelers looking for their services on mobile, and take their businesses to the next level! 

GOTRVL is a community that loves travel as much as mobile technology! We use mobile to grow our tribe's businesses, connect you with new customers and make your clients loyal fans that will spread the word about our beautiful world and your business.

I am constantly struck by how much mobile technologies are changing our lives, our work, and our interaction with others. GOTRVL's focus is on harnessing the incredible growth of mobile usage by teaching tourism businesses about mobile, and creating apps that not only improve the holiday experience, but also spread the word to every travelers' friends and family. The GOTRVL app platforms are designed for our members and their clients.

All tourism businesses need an app to offer to their clients, but the major barriers are cost and development time, so we decided to make it easy for you by developing really useful app platforms that make a travelers' life easier. Have a look at what the apps offer you and your clients.

In addition to the apps, it is our aim to grow your business with the help of training courses about mobile in travel. You get in-depth training on developing a mobile strategy that suits your business and customers. It allows you to engage the connected traveler throughout the travel cycle to build loyalty and trust through authentic interactions.

Come join us around the digital campfire where we chat about life in the tourism industry. 




Founder | CEO

If Dirk's not working on mobile, he's exploring the outdoors or listening to a podcast about mobile technology.


Operations Director

Zuney loves the way technology is changing travel. Her other passion is staying fit through healthy living.  



Tyler takes care of the development and technical side of the business - he speaks php fluently. 


A community that loves travel as much as technology! We use mobile tools to grow our members' businesses, find new customers and make them loyal fans that will spread the word about our beautiful world and your business.

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