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Mobile App Tip: Preparation

Give your clients peace-of-mind and they'll love you for it! Include a packing list in your app that suits their holiday plans and help them to pack like a pro.

Imagine having an app that allows you to custom load a packing list for a specific destination (Maldives, New York, the Serengeti or the Amazon) or type of holiday (an island vacation, an African safari, a city getaway, a Caribbean cruise, or a business trip to Cape Town), so your clients will never pack unnecessary items or won't forget anything important. You can re-use these packing list for other clients planning the same trip.

Best of all, your clients associate you with bringing real value, which makes them loyal customers for years to come!

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The world is made up of tribes full of diversity, richness and colour. It is the glue that keeps us together. GOTRVL is there to pull the tourism industry closer and offer a (fire) place where we can chat, learn, grow and teach each other about all things technology and travel.

Offer your clients a branded mobile app to use before, during and after their trip, keeping you top of mind and making your clients raving fans who will spread the word to their friends and family.

As a GOTRVL member you'll feature on our Travel Directory, a popular online marketing platform that attracts 1000's of travelers, then connect them with you directly.

We've been doing business on the internet since the days of dial-up and have learnt (and constantly learning) about everything online. And we love sharing it with you! GOTRVL Academy is there to teach you what we know about mobile. 


A community that loves travel as much as technology! We use mobile tools to grow our members' businesses, find new customers and make them loyal fans that will spread the word about our beautiful world and your business.

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