Travel Tech Roundup #1

Monthly Travel Tech Update #1

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Things move fast in the digital world, and to help you stay up to date with it, here's our first tech news roundup on travel and technology. We share with you the latest articles about technology related subjects that influence you and your business, to help you make sense of the fast-changing landscape and to keep up to date with what you need to do to stay ahead. 


Roundup Summary

 Identifying the Micro-Moments Within the Customer Journey 

Mobile is changing how brands communicate with customers - from the way they identify key moments of opportunity to how they create a great user experience.


 Travel Trends: 4 Mobile Moments Changing the Consumer Journey

Travelers face a dizzying number of decisions in the process of planning a trip. Increasingly people are turning to their smartphones for immediate answers to their travel questions.


 Is your booking flow ready for Millennials?

The market is at a tipping point. Millennials are poised to become the dominant consumer segment globally, tipped to spend $200 million annually from 2017.


 Chat apps taking off for large hotels chains

Starwood Hotels has been using Whatsapp and other chat apps since earlier this year to enable guests to make requests during their stay. The company says the chat app is used to message a hotel before, during and after a stay and accounts 85% of the messages it is getting.



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