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Founder | CEO

If Dirk's not working on mobile, he's exploring the outdoors or listening to a podcast about mobile technology.

Dirk is passionate about Africa, technology, marketing, travel, mountain biking, birding and photography. Over the past 20 years he's explored the world - first as a traveler with a backpack discovering England, Scotland, South East Asia and Africa, then as a tour guide in southern and east Africa, and then North America, Australia and Europe marketing Africa.

This has culminated into the creation of The Safari Co. as an online marketing platform in 2002. Since then his focus has been on mobile technology in travel. GOTRVL is an extention of his experience in the global travel industry.

The travel industry is embracing mobile technology - that makes him happy. GOTRVL plays a part in this adventure.

Give him a shout if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.


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