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We offer in-depth training courses a few times a year. I'll teach you how to implement an effective and affordable mobile strategy to get more customers, grow your business and create loyal clients by using mobile tools strategically in your business. If the training course is not currently running, just go through our free training in the meantime and we'll put you on the list for the next training session. 

A responsive website is definitely an important aspect of your mobile strategy, but it's only the start of the mobile journey. Travelers find your responsive website during the dreaming and planning phase of their holiday, but it offers limited interaction and doesn't allow for authentic engagement with travelers, which is possible with an app. Instant messaging and app tools such as tick lists and an activity finder ensure strong brand awareness throughout the travel cycle.

Yes, if you're in the tourism industry and book services for tourists, the app is perfect for you. It works well for tour operators, travel agents, vehicle rental companies, activity providers and accommodation establishments such as hotels, resorts or lodges. If you're a restaurant, an activity provider or an attraction, you should feature on the app's 'Activity Finder' page where you'll display on a Google map when clients search for you whenever they are near you! The geolocation based search maps are excellent for in-trip bookings and planning.

The app is cleverly set up to feature your logo and contact details, and it enables your clients to 'interact' with your brand throughout the travel cycle. Offer your clients helpful mobile tools and stay top-of-mind before, during and after their trips. It is made up of three main sections - preparation phase, while they travel and after the holiday. Each section has different functions to choose from and it makes it a valuable tool for every business in the tourism industry.

The main purpose of the app is to stay connected to your clients during the preparation phase of their holiday, while they're on holiday and after their trip via a nifty feedback form.

There are a few 'build-an-app-in-3-easy-steps' solutions available but an app should be so much more than just a mobile version of your website or a rehash of your facebook posts. 

The development of an app that will be beneficial for your business and your clients can cost anything from US$20,000 to US$100,000, and in some cases even more. It takes loads of time and experience to make something that will bring returns and grow customer loyalty.

Using the GOTRVL app is just like having your own app, featuring your branding, your company details, specific functionality that suits your business and the ability to interact with your confirmed clients in a secure environment - all included in your GOTRVL membership. The app was designed specifically for the tourism industry by tourism professionals.

Also keep in mind that app updates are covered, and new functionality will be added when required.

First and foremost, you become part of a community of travel aficionados where you rub shoulders with some of the most passionate in the tourism industry!

Your own mobile app
Then you get to have your very own app stepping into a world where you engage with mobile users to build client loyalty and customer service. Most travelers take their smart phones and/or tablets with them when they travel. Now you give them tools that make their holiday an interactive experience and they tell their network about you - that's word-of-mouth on steroids.

Get more customers
We also feature you on GOTRVL's Travel Directory under the relevant category where travelers can find you and deal with you direct. Nothing beats talking directly to a potential customer as no one can sell your services like you!

Learn about mobile technology with GOTRVL Academy
Lastly we provide you with tips and training on how to effectively make use of all things mobile. The training includes practical tips you can implement in your mobile marketing strategies, live Q&A hangouts, and 'how-to' tutorials. We keep you up to date with what's trending in mobile technology and help you filter through the tons of information that gets sent out everyday.

Our members are situated from all over the world. The most convenient currency for our worldwide customers is the US dollar. We also make it easy to process the membership fees by making use of PayPal, the most used, secure payment gateway.

The GOTRVL badges are rewards for tasks performed, and you can brag about it by placing them on your website, telling your facebook fans about it or posting an article on your blog everytime you earn a badge, to show your customers how active you are in certian fields. It highlights your expertise and builds trust. And ofcourse we will also brag about you to fellow members.


A community that loves travel as much as technology! We use mobile tools to grow our members' businesses, find new customers and make them loyal fans that will spread the word about our beautiful world and your business.

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