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Travelers Want Mobile Apps

With over 83% of travelers using mobile devices to plan their trips, and 87% use their smartphones and tablets while on holiday, you should be the one providing this service to them. Help them find the information they are looking for, with an app that helps them prepare for their trip, enjoy the travel experience and give feedback about their holiday. It ensures that your brand stays top-of-mind throughout the travel cycle and they promote your business with the power of word-of-mouth when they share their holiday experiences with their friends and family! Your app is a tool to build loyalty and trust, by engaging your clients while they travel.

  App features your clients can enjoy:

  • Easy app build - no coding required
  • Your own app with full branding
  • Packing Lists for men, women and families
  • Clients' personal itinerary loaded for quick access
  • Wildlife Tick lists - customisable and destination specific
  • Birdlife Tick lists - customisable and destination specific
  • Offline mode - accessible in remote destinations
  • Guest Feedback Form

Your app is branded with your logo, and you can customise the functionality to include and exclude certain features to suit your type of business and clients.


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"I love this app!"

Maria Mallinson, Kenton on Sea, South Africa

How does it work?

When you join the GOTRVL Tribe, your app is built in a few easy steps featuring your branding and the functionality that works for your business. Now you're ready to use your unique, branded app for your clients. Load their unique itinerary or daily schedule, invite them to download the app (available for both Android and Apple devices), and let them enjoy the helpful tools to assist before, during and after their holiday. It's not enough to offer your tech savvy customers a mini version of your website; instead they’re expecting a unique mobile experience that will enhance their holiday.

The app features your logo (see LETAKA's example) and contact details, so it's your own app offered to your customers. It's one of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty and to get your clients to tell their friends and family about your business. 

This app is ideally suited for remote destinations, as it functions in offline mode when no wifi is available. The moment there is a connection to the internet, the app updates and sends all the photos and news shared by the client. And don't forget, the app works for hotels, tour operators and activity providers, as well as car rental companies, tour guides, airlines and many more.



Full Control Over Features And Branding

It's easy to customise your app to suit your business. Add your company logo and contact details. Choose from example packing lists for your travel categories such as safaris, beaches, mountians, city breaks or family holidays - or just build your own! The wildlife and birding tick lists can be set for specific destinations - this works well for game reserves or safari lodges. Must-see tick lists are perfect for cities.

When you send the app to your clients they experience a continuation of your brand. The app's useful functions build trust and strengthens customer loyalty. And while your clients use the app, you stay top of mind throughout the planning, duration and after their holiday!




Ready to Get a Mobile App for Your Business?


If the answer is yes, you're on the right track. With an app you can turn your clients into raving fans who will promote your business and tell all their friends about you (of all the travelers that use apps while they travel, 66% share their travel experiences on social networks).

By engaging your clients before, during and after their holiday, you build loyalty and trust. And the app encourages word-of-mouth promotions. There is nothing more powerful than referrals from happy customers!

Give your clients a unique mobile experience that benefits you both.




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