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In the training videos and course material we look at the importance of mobile in the travel industry and the way it impacts every part of the travelers' journey.


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What The Experts Say About Mobile

Our Africa Geographic readers (all regular travellers) primarily use mobile to engage with us and consume our content. In fact, our latest statistics indicate that 62% of our readership comes from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and 38% from desktops. The growth towards mobile is consistent and it's not slowing down. Our mantra for planning and execution is 'mobile-first'. If you are not mobile-friendly you are irrelevant to travellers.
Simon Espley
Africa Geographic


The tourism industry needs to embrace mobile in everything they do. There is massive potential to engage travelers during those micro moments when they are looking for information about their next holiday. Implementing mobile is not a 'nice-to-have' but a necessity to grow and reach more customers.
William Price
Man and Machine


Mobile is definitely the next big frontier. It’s all about offering travelers an easy and effective mobile experience via responsive content and interfaces. The human role in engagement has increased dramatically. In this sense, mobile technology is the opposite of impersonal and anonymous — it is enabling businesses to communicate with and share expertise with more potential customers than ever, and this is creating for modern travelers a much more rich and dynamic way of finding experiential travel opportunities.
Damian Cook
CEO and founder
E-Tourism Frontiers



About The Course:

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We will study the 'Connected Traveler' and see how they use mobile technology to research, plan and enhance their holidays. We also look at different ways of implementing mobile to effectively engage travelers throughout the travel cycle. And we work through a mobile blueprint to develop a rock solid mobile strategy for your business.


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