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Operations Director

Zuney loves the way technology is changing travel. Her other passion is staying fit through healthy living.  

Zuney's focus is to offer an enabling environment that allows tourism businesses to use our digital tools to grow and offering the Safari Tribe members' tech-savvy clients ways to interact and share their travel memories. Safari Tribe is at the very edge of innovation in digital travel technology with marketing platforms, apps and online tools to help our members stay at the forefront of online marketing, making the most of the explosive growth in digital technology. We're proud to play a part in your success by offering solutions to market your business and build strong relationships with your customers.

She loves kettlebells, aromatherapy and wholesome eating. Travel is an important part of her life, and discovering Africa's richness and diverse destinations inspire her to show the world what it offers.


A community that loves travel as much as technology! We use mobile tools to grow our members' businesses, find new customers and make them loyal fans that will spread the word about our beautiful world and your business.

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